Quantity / Specifications




One for each company

(double rooms are superior to king rooms according to the registering sequence)


Wuzhou Hotel

Block A and B


1-2 sets for each room


Wuzhou Hotel

Fair data

Two sets of 2016 Industry Survey Report, 2016 New TV Drama Project Outline Compilation and Meeting Guideline for each company


Wuzhou Hotel

Check-in counter in the Hall of Block A


(A meeting board is available in the airport)

Dec. 12 and 15


Wuzhou Hotel - Airport

Shuttle bus to hotel

(Guided by staff)

Dec. 12 - 15


Wuzhou Hotel - LVGEM Hotel

Wuzhou Hotel - Lafonte International Hotel

Business negotiation area

During fair


Wuzhou Hotel

Block B

2016 New Drama Project Outline Compilation

(1,000 yuan for each extra order)

1-3 dramas for each company, including  5,000 or less words of plot summary for each drama

(posters, photos and other pictures can be attached)

Classified into outline, scenario, preparation, photographing, postproduction and first-run broadcasting according to phases of works

(fill in the Data Sheet of 2016 New TV Drama Project Outline Compilation)

Sent to participating TV stations

Received at the check-in site

New TV drama outline

copyright registration

The Copyright Protection Center of China issues an outline copyright certificate


1-3 dramas can be collected, including  5,000 or less words of plot summary for each drama

(refer to copyright registration instructions)

Send the certificate to each company

Vertical poster on site

(2,000 yuan for each extra order)

One for each company

Size: 950mm*1550mm

Pixel: 72-300dpi

The content of the poster is in Chinese and English (optimum)

Hall, Block B, Wuzhou Hotel

Publicity video

Not longer than 3 minutes for each company

MOV RES 422 1920×1080

/ MP4 H.264 1920×1080

High-definition format (time code removed)

Drama works / industry chain publicity

The subtitle is in Chinese and English (optimum)

Hall, Block A, Wuzhou Hotel

LED screen

Chinese and foreign TV dramas and programs recommendation

(recommended dramas and programs information is collected into Meeting Guideline)

15 minutes of recommendation for each company

Self-recommended dramas: PPT / clips

Site arrangement: roll screen, brochure, DVD, etc.

(refer to new drama recommendation instructions)

Wuzhou Hotel

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